How to get above 85% internals and lab externals

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As internals are very important in ip university because if we get a perfect 25 we only require 15 to crack exam

Also they boost our percentage.



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    To get above 85% in internals you need to be regular in classes. Also try submitting your practical files on time. A checked + completed+ covered file is more favourable and can fetch you more marks. Also u need to be regular during your practical classes. Try studying for the viva. In most cases viva is linked to the theory of the subject. So scoring in viva is easy yet very important.

    Submitting your assignments on time can fetch you bonus marks. Also try to be active in the classes so that the teacher is able to recognise you by face.

    These are all I can think of at the moment. I'll let you know if there's more.

  • In order to get good marks in your internals, you need to build a rapport with you teachers. The only other way is to score well in the sessional exams. I personally prefer building a rapport with the teachers as you will continue to benefit from it throughout your time in college.

    As far as practicals go, viva is the endgame. Try and be decently prepared for the viva. You will need to think on your feet to answer the viva questions.

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