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How can I prepare for Josh Technology Group interview? How many rounds were there and how difficult were they? What kind of topics do I need to study to crack the interview? How can I apply?


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    I've been working at Josh Technology Group for over a year now. So, I hope I'd be able to answer this.

    Before we discuss about preparing for Josh Technology Group (a.k.a. JTG) Interview, I think it's worth asking, why Josh?? Actually for any dream company you want to land at, you must have a clearer clarity of why you want to work there. May be your career goal seems to be getting accomplished working there... or you crave for such a culture... or may be you fathom massive chances of growth there.

    I can count at least ten reasons, of me craving to be working at Josh. Let me put just four biggest of all here.

    1. A culture like now where else. Every single one of us seems friendly, accessible and immensely motivated every single day.
    2. A medium sized organization. In a small organization, you'd miss getting mentored and in too big, you feel frustratingly abstracted. Josh met my criteria of medium sized organization, where you get to hold responsibilities at the same time get to be mentored.
    3. We're awesome at whatever we do. Ranging from Data science to Dev-ops, Modern frameworks to agile methodologies, you'd get to do (and most importantly learn) a lot of these things. You'll surely be a master of some tech but yet be a jack of all trades.
    4. A hybrid company: It's really normal to be stuck in a dilemma of whether you should prefer a product based company or a service based. We'll Josh Technology Group is a hybrid company. We've super-awesome projects to work upon form amazing clients as well as products of our own. Calyxpod is one such.

    Now if you feel JTG matches your career goals, I'd encourage you to read further.

    How to prepare for Josh Interview? What topics I need to study

    Get the basics right, Rest will fall automatically in place.

    Whatever role you're applying for, you must get enough knowledge of the basics. Knowledge of best practices and industry trends is a bonus.

    For a Software developer role, you must be get well versed with knowledge of Data structures, Algorithm and problem solving. Database and programming languages would surely prove to be a bonus point.

    For a Front-end developer, knowledge of CSS concepts and practices and JavaScript is a must.Understanding of Sass, Less and Javascript frameworks are bonus points. Be sure to see the details over here.

    How many rounds were there and how difficult were they? 

    I applied for a role of Front-end developer and went through Five rounds of written tests + interview.

    1. Written test, Includes MCQ, Subjective questions
    2. Interview round 1: Basics of Front -end development
    3. Interview round 2: In depth interview of CSS and Javascript
    4. Data structures interview. Involved Lists, trees, complexity optimization problems
    5. Final HR interview

    The interview rounds aren't too difficult if you're well acquainted to the basics. All you need to do is prepare and keep your confidence high.

    How can I apply?

    You can find the available roles and apply here.

    I hope the information has been valuable to you. If you've any other questions, feel free to ask in comments. I'd try and would love to answer them.

    All the best!!

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