How to give a impressing and entertaining presentation on any topic

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Presentations are very important part of our engineering we all have to give it every semester

So advices are welcome



  • And one more thing i recalled by viewing your question again. Don't try to impress your audience. Make them able to understand your work should be on priority.

    1. Try to follow 10 20 30 Rule by Guy Kawasaki (10 slides, 20 font size, 30 minutes). View more details at
    2. If you are explaining your work or project always Start with WHY, then mention HOW and finally tell audience about WHAT. For details please search Simon sinek's START WITH WHY.

    Keeping a presentation short and to the point is the key here.

    Note: Credits for above points goes to one of my friend @aditya_tyagi since college who told me about this.. and gave me confidence about delivering an effective presentation. And obviously Simon Sinek and Guy Kawasaki. Believe me, it will help throughout your life guys.

    P.S. Give priority to the guidelines (if any) regarding no. of slides and contents it should cover from your college department. Don't give opportunity to evaluator to point you out just because of trivial rules of college department.

  • I will try to keep this as short and to the point as possible. In order to give an impressive presentation, focus on/follow the following:

    1) Structured information increases the chances of retention in the audience.

    Structure 1: Problem -> Solution-> Benifit

    Structure 2: What? -> So what? -> What Now?

    2) Analyze the audience and the level of information that the audience possesses in the domain. Go in depth according to the needs of the audience.

    3) Keep your slides reasonably simple. Animations can help a lot if used correctly and should be used wisely.

    4) Only put pointers in the slides and elaborate on each one during your presentation.

    5) Practice your stage presence and body language. Smile, maintain eye contact. Remember, the audience will take you seriously only if you maintain good body language.

    The essence of a good presentation is YOU! Your knowledge will shine and make your presentation a success. Think on your feet. You know your thing. Be confident!

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