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S No. Topic Subject Branch Downloads Upload Date Credits Filesize
1 Unit 1 and 2 Switching Theory and Logic Design 11375 16-09-2018 Tanmay grover 52.5MB
2 Unit 1 Communication Systems ECE 10663 12-05-2018 Karan Sehgal 2.1MB
3 Unit 1 and 2 Circuits and Systems 10444 16-09-2018 Tanmay grover 44.9MB
4 Unit 1 Fuels Handwritten Applied Chemistry CSE, IT, MAE, CIVIL, EEE, ECE 10377 16-12-2017 NotesHub 15.7MB
5 FOC Complete Notes Fundamentals of Computing CSE, IT, MAE, CIVIL, EEE, ECE 10123 01-12-2017 NotesHub 55.2MB
6 Complete Handwritten Notes Part I Data Structure CSE, IT, EEE, ECE 10052 12-12-2017 NotesHub 21.4MB
7 ET Complete 1st semester notes Electrical Technology CSE, IT, MAE, CIVIL, EEE, ECE 8648 27-10-2017 NotesHub 8.4MB
8 Intereference Unit 1 Applied Physics CSE, IT, MAE, CIVIL, EEE, ECE 8619 01-12-2017 NotesHub 21.5MB
9 Unit 1 and 2 Introduction to Programming CSE, IT, MAE, CIVIL, EEE, ECE 8557 26-02-2018 NotesHub 15.9MB
10 Complete Notes Environmental Studies CSE, IT, MAE, CIVIL, EEE, ECE 8543 24-05-2017 NotesHub 1.1MB

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