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"How to grab internships paid or unpaid if i don't know much about the job work,?


  • Believe in yourself and start applying to companies. Write personalized emails to the companies looking for interns, telling your will to work and to learn the business processes, ethics and job skills.

    [Must Read for freshers looking for internships or jobs] Some of tips for grabbing internships:

    1. Make a list of all the companies you want to reach out to.
    2. Find the profile of their respective recruiters via LinkedIn.
    3. Find the careers email address of these companies.
    4. Drop your resume to both, the recruiter as well as the careers email. Note that as I have mentioned above write personalized emails.
    5. Never fake your resume.
    6. Be thorough with your resume.
    7. You can alternatively apply using LinkedIn Job Search.
    8. Create your AngelList profile and apply to suitable startups.
    9. Get in touch with your college seniors on LinkedIn and ask if they are willing to refer you to their company.
    10. Some companies frequently organize coding competitions on HackerRank, HackerEarth, InterviewBit etc. and if you perform very well, you may get a chance to give interviews.

    Don't stressed if you don't know about the job work, For the freshers like you, recruiters don't always look for skills required at job rather they look for the skills that are required to learn those skills that are required in job, and the most important such kind of skills are:

    1. Your learning ability.
    2. Your problem solving approach. Always try your best in solving problems. Think from basics. Note that "Not being able to solve a question is not a problem. But looking at its solution and not being able to solve it in the future is".
    3. Openness to try and do something different.
    4. Your one strength that stands you out from others. (and believe me every human out there has a least one strength that stands him/her out from others)
    5. Initiatives that you can take on your own to improve existing processes.

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