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What was your interview experience at Aspiring Minds? How can one prepare for the technical and HR round>


  • Aspiring Minds is a very innovative product company and leaders in data science based assessments and job credentialing. You can read more at

    I was interviewed for SDE profile in Research and Development team at Aspiring Minds.

    1. First of all, there was a online coding round on Aspiring Minds flagship product Automata (online coding platform), having two basic programming questions designed to check problem solving and logical ability skills. Automata is unlike typical coding platform (hackerearth, codechef etc.) which just checks candidates code against test cases. But, it also check stylistic, algorithm logic as well as test cases. That's the online judge that mimics human interviewer. So, please write well indented code, make use of meaningful variables, optimised algorithm.
    2. Then, the candidates shortlisted in online coding round called for face to face interviews. There was two rounds. Both of them were technical round. There was no HR round for hiring in engineering team at Aspiring Minds.
    3. First technical round was with prospective colleagues. They asked to write code (modified fibonacci sequence, next number is sum of previous k numbers), optimal sql queries (mostly based on joins), OS concepts (multithreading, process scheduling).
    4. Second round was with team lead and prospective manager. They asked about projects and resume . Don't fake your resume. Only write projects that you have genuinely done and skills that you have acquired in the process. Then they gave me an architectural problem (music player application like gaana or saavn that have functionality of shuffle that plays a song randomly and non-repeatedly from a list of songs in time complexity of O(1)).

    If the interviewers found your profile suited for some other job role or other team, they will simply forward you to other team leads/managers of other team. There are four engineering teams at Aspiring Minds:

    1. Research and Development
    2. Software Development
    3. Mobile Application Development
    4. Product Management

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