What is importance of Sessional Exams in IPU?

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Well many Students take the sessional exam lightly but the fact is it is very important.

Here are some points to explain my perspective.

  1. Sessional marks are added to external and it plays a big role in your total marks out of 100.
  2. Sessional or internals are predictable as it is prepared by your own professors.
  3. Comparatively easy to score.
  4. Preparing for internals will help at the external preparation time.
  5. Externals are unpredictable and so does the checking.
  6. Good Score in Sessional exams can save you from a BACK in difficult subject.

They are of 30 marks and are halved and hence 15 marks out of 25 in internals are from the sessionals.

So internals are important prepare for it and don't skip it.

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