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S No. Topic Subject Branch Downloads Upload Date Credits Filesize
1 Akash Applied Mathematics III CSE, IT, EEE, ECE 3546 27-09-2017 NotesHub 19.4MB
2 Maths Previous Year Papers Applied Mathematics CSE, IT, MAE, CIVIL, EEE, ECE 3539 28-11-2017 NotesHub 48.7MB
3 Chemistry Akash Applied Chemistry CSE, IT, MAE, CIVIL, ECE, EEE 2835 27-11-2017 NotesHub 61.6MB
4 Akash DS Data Structure CSE, IT, ECE, EEE 2536 21-09-2017 NotesHub 23.5MB
5 Akash Switching Theory and Logic Design CSE, IT, ECE 2473 26-09-2017 NotesHub 21.6MB
6 Akash Analog Electronics I EEE, ECE 1919 26-09-2017 NotesHub 20.9MB
7 End Term Akash Engineering Mechanics 1854 19-05-2018 Keshav 8.6MB
8 Akash May 2016 Microprocessor and Microcontroller CSE, IT, ECE, EEE, MAE, CIVIL 1822 27-05-2017 NotesHub 10.5MB
9 Previous Year papers Applied Mathematics CSE, IT, MAE, CIVIL, EEE, ECE 1782 08-05-2017 NotesHub 2MB
10 End Term Akash Environmental Studies 1732 19-05-2018 Keshav 17.1MB

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